The Business Intelligence of Sionchem was accepted

On Jul.15th,2014, the Business Intelligence project of Sionchem was accepted and went live. With the start of Business Intelligence project, the production information of 34 oil-gas sections around the world will show on the screen of Sinochem in real-time in the future, and leaders can view and know the production conditions in any areas at any time, they can also trace the exploration conditions of key sections, drill and analyze the reason of production reduction of any areas.

As the contractor of the Business Intelligence project of Sionchem, Jurassic investigated the exploratory development information of Sinochemwhich distribute in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia and some other placesfor more than one year. After the analysis, Jurassic confirmed 11 KPI tracking targets including output, workload and income, finished the Business Intelligence system and was highly accepted by the first party. They thought the system incarnated the needs of macroscopic project management of Sinochem, and also considered the practical features of global project operation, accomplished the global integration of data without increasing workload. It showed the strong technology, the thorough understanding of exploration and development business and the excellent global project management ability of Jurassic.