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For many years, oil companies have agonized over the best way to store, access and share their data effectively and securely. Their success is highly dependent on the effective management of their large volume of data in an accurate, integrated and reconciled data repository. 

Jurassic Data Resource Construction Solution offers the best effective data management services by providing the comprehensive, fully digitized data repository that enables geo-technical information available to the authorized users.

Our customized solutions are designed to organize and process petroleum information resources in any form of hardcopy or electronic, in-house or offsite, geological and geophysical information in any platform. 

Our experience in oil and gas exploration, coupled with expertise in multiple workflows guarantees 100% accuracy rate of the core data and 99% accuracy of all the unstructured data.

Key Benefits:

  • Jurassic Data Service ensures where and when data is needed.
  • Jurassic Data Service eliminates manual processing errors and delays.
  • Jurassic Data Service is customizable.
  • Jurassic Data Management solutions are maintainable solutions.
  • Jurassic Data Service reduces management time and costs.


  • Digitalization of log information for Daqing oilfieldslaid a solid foundation for enterprise data asset management like data entry, data conversion, scanning, data E-publishing, legal indexing, content digitization, forms processing, applications processing, indexing to data sorting and data verification.
  • The exploration well data project in Daqing oilfeldshave been well organized in the forms of well drilling, well logging, oil testing fracturing, and organic geo-chemical features.
  • Geologic Exploration Database for Puguang gas field in SinoPecis completely managed with the data of well drilling, well logging, well testing, analysis and research, projects and achievements.
  • Digital Archival for SinoPec Southwest Company