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Success in exploration and production depends on the large amount of right, integrated and reconciled data resources; however, for years oil companies have agonized over the diversified standards to support different data types, as they have enormous number of information systems with vast amounts of data in diverse formats. Standardization work is now the basic part of enterprises in market competition.

How to access, store, retrieve and share these data securely, quickly and effectively? Jurassic Software offer unified, standardized and uniform platform to ensure the compatibility of different data banks and maximize the value of oilfield information asset based on standardized technology.

Database Standard

Based on the actual requirement for domestic E&P information construction, Jurassic Software provides industry standard data model to support oilfield production workflows from business process analysis to construction of conceptual and physical models.

Jurassic standard database models is constructed in line with the information standard of international oil exploration and production, such as POSC and PPDM, and the Jurassic data type have a good coverage for their data types, which will help domestic petroleum industry information construction to be geared into international standards.

Mapping Standard

With the wide application of geological mapping in petroleum information construction, Jurassic Software established the geological mapping standard based on decades of years of experiences and expertise services for oil industry, boosting to the advanced application and digitization of maps.

Jurassic has been dedicated to developing industrial graphics applications to create precise and standard geological maps with strong insight and experience over the years. We’ve been involved in PetroChina E&P data acquisition standardization, PetroChina E&P database standardization, and geological mapping specifications of oil and gas. These standards have been popularized in the whole enterprise or domestic oil industry, which has laid a solid foundation to speed up oilfield information construction.