The Phase I Procurement Information Management System Project of Chad SRN

In May.2014, the Phase I procurement project—Procurement Demand Management system of Société de Raffinage de N’Djaména S.A.(SRN) developed by our company was put into service, and was acknowledged by related leaders.

SRN accumulated some problems during the process of supply management, for example, the material requirement planning submitted by production department was not accurate, the big inventory pressure, the big pressure of material management and so on. With the procurement demand management system going live, the procurement of all materials, scientific management and informationalized management were accomplished, and a set of impeccable software system was built to manage a large amount of material information.

Through bar code management of materials and building bar code database of materials, management and application problems of materials in refinery storeroom were solved; through checking the inventory information and building the relationship database in material’s code and attribute,laid a foundation of material application and management; through reporting and checking material requirement planning online, improved the efficiency of reporting user department’s plan and saved the job cost; through the systematic report of material plan, ensured the accuracy and normalization of reporting plan, greatly decreased the problems about technical clarification because of incomplete information.