The Digital Archive of CNPC-AMG was completed

On Sep.20th,2013, the Digital Archive of CNPC-AMG which was built by our company was accomplished. This archive is in the new building of CNPC-AMG, using the totally new serried filing cabinet and full digital management system. There’re more than 50,000 files in this archive, which coversseveral units including oil-gas company, academy, construction division and refinery and is the most advanced digital archive in Kazakhstan even in the Central Asia.

Jurassic company is the contractor of CNPC-AMG Digital Archive. After nearly one year of investigation, analysis, counsel, procurement, transport, installation and debugging, the archive finally opened. The archive uses the new product of digital file management—GeoBank, accomplishing the digital processing of all geologic documents in company, changing the custody form of the single physical documents before, ensuring the integrity and permanence of data information, greatly helping researchers browse and find information in anywhere and at any time easily. The digital archive also becomes theinformatization pacesetter of oil and gas company in a new period.