1. Overview

GeoMap is a professional geological research mapping software for digital mapping in the field of oil exploration and development .GeoMap provides flexible and powerful graphics and map editing functions, a variety of data mapping functions, accurate digital positioning capabilities and complete results output functions. It is suitable for high-quality, rapidly, accurately, standardly, beautifully complete industrialization map drawing in exploration, development, engineering and other professional oil fields. 

GeoMap also combines with Geomap Server, GeoBank and MapOfficeX   which can provide a comprehensive solution for the graphics library building, map data management and dissemination. 

At present, Geomap generated *.gdb format maps have been the specified map interchange format in CNPC. 

2. Major Functions

  • The system makes full use of resources to achieve digital mapping. 
  • The system can provide standardized mapping through the accumulation, sharing, appreciation of graphics resources. 

image 2-1

 image 2-2

  • The system has strong editing and modification functions which can minimize the mapper’s workload. 

image 2-3

  • The system can use group-map to conveniently achieve comprehensive map drawing. 
  • The system supports the unified management of the atlas environment.
  • The system has strong output functions. It is suitable for making wall maps and atlas. 

image 2-4

image 2-5

  • The system has powerful layer management functions that truly achieves hierarchical management, completely achieves the reusability of maps.
  • The system supports a variety of data formats.

image 2-6