Network Security

1. Product Orientation

This product aims at building an integrated system for information security. It comprehensively monitors, analyzes, controls all kinds of security intrusions, and manages key devices and information. It can also strengthen responsibility, manage process, and improve the staff’s safety awareness. It ensures the information security for enterprises by building a credible, manageable, controllable network and safe information environment.

This product is applied to large-scale, medium or small companies both domestic and abroad, especially for information protection in overseas institutions or projects.

2. Functions

image 2-1 Framework

2.1 Technical safeguards

• Divide safe zones

It divides information into several independent safe zones in accordance with business, assets information, and geographical factors. Different protective measures will be taken by different features of each zones.

•Border Access Controlling

Users’ network is divided into different safe zones, and access to safe zones is controlled according to source, main target address, protocol, port, etc., judgments can be made to limit illegal access to network.

•Attack Detection and Pre-warning

The product can make attack detection both internal and external, especially the access to the data zones of internal network. It can timely detect the unauthorized access, hostile attack and worm propagation behaviors so as to alarm and take effective measures.

It can pre-warn vulnerabilities and scan OS, database, network device and application systems, enhance the anti-attack ability of network system.

•Audit Trail of Behavior

It consists of log audit system, network audit system, database audit system and operation audit system etc.

• Backup and Restore

The product can back up core business by virtualization, and make multi machines standby through load balancing and other devices.

2.2 Safety Operation

• Collect

he product can collect logs generated by various safety events like safety devices and network devices, then standardize the collected data to identify abnormal events and security threats existing in the information systems.

• Monitor

The product can monitor the devices and service based on events, functions and status; and it can also monitor network indicators within the scope of specified network.


According to the risk coefficients the safe objects encounter and changes in its index, the product can calculate the current risk status of objects.


It consists of work order, report and security policy management, this function provides decision support, feasible decision plan and suggestions according to the database of safety experts.

image 2-2 Safety Management System

3. Features

3.1 Security Systematization

This product integrates safety protection, operation management, and service guarantee into a multi dimensions dynamic monitoring, multi strategies controlling, and instant pre-warning system.

3.2 Management Centralization

The product can monitor network flow, state of running, system functions and data access in a centralized way with the topology structure of network and devices.

3.3 Strategy Regionalization

This function can easily make strategies, deploy and implement security management according to the security rating.

3.4 Defense Layering

It builds a multiple layer defense in depth step by step, from network, devices, OS, application system to database.